SBETC has a promising future with our excellent teachers, most of whom have at least a decade of teaching experience. We provide a pleasant teaching style, state of the art teaching facilities, and professional management, all of which have earned us a great reputation in our field. We ceaselessly strive to serve our clients in a sympathetic, efficient, scientific, and professional manner.
SBETC is well staffed with senior foreign teachers so that we can create personalized lessons, assign the right teachers to the right positions, and provide highly responsive follow-up services. 
  • A superb teaching staff with rich teaching experience and strong exam preparation skills
  • A teaching format that combines instruction from both Chinese and foreign teachers that better enables students to make comprehensive progress in practical skills as well as test-taking skills
  • Practical teaching materials that include real exam questions
  • A quiet residential training environment that is focused on helping students make real breakthroughs in their studies and achieve higher scores on their exams
  • 3-week overseas intensive SAT exam training course by expert foreign teachers; opportunity for 1-week study in overseas university after the course; a guidance and training course for applying to overseas universities taught by university professors.
  • TOEFL and SAT registration agent service
  • Comprehensive after-class assistance by guidance teacher
  • Arrangement for exchange studies with overseas students to improve the competitiveness of students’ university applications
  • Unique study strategy for each individual student
The VIP class of the above courses, i.e. the one-teacher five-student class, will meet the requirement for commencement .  This class is for students with special needs whose academic proficiency is anywhere from very weak to good.  The VIP class is the most individually-targeted class.