About Us

Established in June 2002, Shanghai Brisbane Education Training Centre (SBETC) is a joint educational venture between Shanghai Huacheng Foreign Language Training Centre and Tengda International Industries Pty. Ltd. (Est 1996). SBETC currently holds the “Chinese-Foreign Cooperative-Run School” license granted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. 

To date over 10,000 teenagers have participated in our overseas study tour/arts & music programs. More than 5,000 teachers have attended our teacher training programs during the past decade, both in China and overseas. Our most recent achievements include: the “2010 Shanghai World Expo Music Festival” commissioned by the Shanghai World Expo Event Department. We invited the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra to Brisbane in 2009 to celebrate 20 years of Queensland-Shanghai Sister State Relationship. We initiated the participation of six Chinese schools at the Australia International Music Festival held in Sydney in July 2009. Since 2001 we have attracted many young talented musicians from overseas to perform at the Australia Music Festival.

SBETC has championed the cause of international education and exchange for many years, convinced that students with international experience and a global perspective are crucial for the development and welfare of our modern world.

Our managing director, Mr Edgar Qian, travelled the world to forge many exchange agreements with leading universities and other prominent educational institutions for the purpose of encouraging and strengthening cultural relations and intellectual cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and other countries.

What We Do
We have developed a variety of educational and cultural exchange programs with various overseas schools, universities and educational organisations worldwide. 

Study Tour Programs: 
We organise overseas educational institutions in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada to host Chinese students, teachers and other professionals in short-term language, cultural and professional courses and events. To date more than 10,000 individuals have benefited from our programs since 1997.

Arts and Musical Events: 
We invite young promising performing artists from overseas to participate in important cultural events both in China and in Australia. (eg. the Shanghai Ballet Troupe, the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, various choirs, regional dancing groups and musical ensembles).

Foreign Language Training Programs: 
We offer tailor-made specialist training courses and programs at all levels to both individual and corporate clients. 
Eg. Helicopter Pilot English language Skills and English Language Training for approximately 200 students annually for 9 consecutive years with the Shanghai Police College and Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

Teacher Training Programs:
We cooperate with many overseas universities (eg. the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne) to provide teachers from non-English speaking countries with an opportunity to study professional courses offered by these universities.

High School / University Preparation Courses: 
We believe that almost any profession or business today is potentially a global one, therefore we initiated a set of courses specifically designed for Chinese students planning to study in a foreign country. The purpose of these courses is not only to create a solid academic foundation for our students but also to establish an essential understanding of the culture, environment and people in Australia and other western countries. 

Other Services:
We assist many schools in China by recruiting foreign teachers and qualified foreign students to teach English at the classroom level. We promote overseas school networking and we engage in school curriculum design as well as in-service teacher training.